The Great Composer Quiz – June 23, 2020

This time, it’s a Quiz about the wrong way to home school. This Great Composer was raised by two liberal, sensitive parents who loved their two sons and provided a protective home for them. Our Great Composer was his mother’s favorite; his brother was his father’s. It was clear from an early age our Great Composer wanted to be a musician. He spent most of his playtime at the piano. Our Great Composer’s parents let him practice, unfortunately at the expense of other studies. He did not go to school, and so what literature, history, science and math he picked up, he did on his own, which is to say almost not at all. When finally he began to attend the conservatory he suffered one academic failure after another. The only thing he was good at . . . was, well, music . . . and so the question is: Who was this man with holes in his education, this Great Composer?

Or, before clicking for the answer, find out if you can name our Great Composer by hearing his music.

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