Gary Snyder & Lawrence Ferlinghetti
in Performance


Gary Snyder & Lawrence Ferlinghetti participated in a reading at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, April 11, 1980 to benefit Fay Abrahams Stender, lawyer and civil rights activist who a year earlier had been shot by a Black Guerrilla Family member for allegedly betraying her client George Jackson, founder of the BG Family. Jackson, locked up in San Quentin, had grown angry with her for refusing to smuggle weapons into the prison. The shooting left Ms. Stender paralyzed. Six weeks after this reading she took her own life.
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Ernest Fleischmann

Hear what DJB describes as “my most terrifying half-hour on-air,” as he goes toe-to-toe with the Los Angeles Philharmonic executive director, live backstage at the Hollywood Bowl during the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival. At issue: André Previn’s whereabouts.
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Kenneth Rexroth in Performance

Listen to a rare recording made by DJB of the Godfather of the Beats presenting a reading of his transcendent poetry informed by Japanese and Chinese verse which, Richard Eberhard said, states “simple and deep truths in a natural way.”
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Hear airchecks from DJB’s remarkable forty-year radio career which started in Los Angeles, moved on to Pittsburgh, Baltimore & Washington, D.C., included national and international broadcasts (he produced the nightly global coverage of the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival, and served as co-commentator for’s coverage of the Royal Funeral for Princess Diana), and then a return to L.A. for a final decade at the morning drive mike. Click here.

Our Daily Bread

DJB takes us inside a Baltimore soup kitchen and outside onto the streets to hear from its patrons in this iconic radio documentary.
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William Everson
Drought Poems on a Rainy Night in L.A.

The great California writer confronts grief, wonder & rain in L.A. Hear him read his raw-boned & terrifying poetry to a small and silent audience.
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Children’s Specials

Coming to you from the Home Studio, hour-long radio broadcasts by DJB & family, which seek to introduce children to classical music, not the restrictive, formal and suffocating classical music milieu, but to the music itself, stripped of pretense and snobbery, so as to let the fun out.
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