New Baseball Book (excerpt)

By the winter of ’45, with peace in the world achieved, Dolf Luque became master to his apprentice Sal Maglie. The old man passed along his secrets of pitching. Make them believe you are loco, liable to do anything, like throw a baseball at a man’s head, an act that could kill him. That’s how crazy you must appear to be, in the batter’s eyes.
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High’d Up – Browse & Buy

Get acquainted with Dennis James Bartel’s novel, three decades in the making and destined to become a cult classic. The novel has received a second printing, thanks to The Gramercy Press, this time illustrated.
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High’d Up (excerpt)

It had become that time of evening when the sky turned acoustic blue and grainy as a Diebenkorn. Along Ocean Ave. people sat on their porches rocking gently and talking gently. Couples jogged past in no hurry. Across the street on the beach’s grassy buffer, two old men sat on a red quilt, playing chess.
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High’d Up – Interview with DJ Bartel

The author sits, however reluctantly, for a conversation about his eye-popping novel.
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Read reviews of DJB’s award-winning collection of stories.
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The Whores of S. Hanover Street

An account of one man’s walk on sidewalks of sin. This chapbook also includes one of DJ Bartel’s most celebrated stories, “Jalousie,” first published by the ground-breaking Libido Magazine, and anthologized in the best-selling book The Ecstatic Moment (Doubleday).
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