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DJ Bartel confronts the notion of what is true in literature. Why or how is it true? Can writing that is not true be truer than the truth, and can one tell the truth as fantasy? Dennis James is an award-winning investigative reporter and longtime respected journalist. His writing is peeled from the skin of life and grafted to the page without changing much (except a few names, maybe).

DJ’s book of stories Voyeurs was named “Best Story Collection of 2007.”* An expanded edition was issued last year by The Gramercy Press.

Dennis James Bartel’s eclectic & electric novel High’d Up which one distinguished poet called “the most erudite novel I’ve ever read,”^ received a second printing last fall in an illustrated edition.

Dennis often visits our website to comment, as we roll out more of his writing, his interviews, and his audio work in broadcasting, much of which comes to us directly from his auspices. In the meantime, just as the rumor of a podcast was squashed, a second rumor has surfaced about a possible podcast by DJB. Stay tuned.

Speaking of which, give a listen to Dennis Bartel’s radio documentary Our Daily Bread, which sounds as relevant today as it did in 1988 when he produced this moving portrait of a soup kitchen and its patrons.

DJB’s’ novel High’d Up is now illustrated. He agreed to an interview about this event in the life of one of our favorite novels. Click here to read our discussion.

For a complete biography click on DJ Biography.

* Beverly Hills Review
^ J.T. Ledbetter, distinguished poet & Professor Emeritus, California Lutheran University