The Great Composer Quiz – August 15, 2020.

This time, it’s a Quiz about a disaster averted. In the days after our Great Composer’s beloved gave birth to their son, he urged her to come outside with a friend, a woman, and go on a swing. She did what he asked, and our Great Composer began pushing her on the swing, higher and higher, much too high, and his beloved began to faint up on the swing! Our Great Composer was unaware she was fainting, but luckily their friend did see and cried out. And here the friend describes what happened next. “As the poor woman continued to be dizzy and trembling, the Master concluded it would be wise to create a diversion. He ran rapidly toward the house, and by the aid of the shutters, the moldings and projections of the stones, he climbed nimbly up the side, and reaching the balcony of the floor above, leaped over it. Trembling with anxiety, she turned to me, saying under her breath: ‘Above all things, don’t notice him; don’t look surprised, or you can never tell where he will end.’” So, who was this new father, this Great Composer?

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