KUSC Redux Debut

DJB recalls: “In early June 2007, I returned to KUSC after twenty-seven years in the east, where I churned out a radio career with long stints at WQED Pittsburgh, WJHU Baltimore, and WGMS Washington, D.C. I had left L.A. at age 27 and now I was back at 54 to much fanfare, or anyway, a lot of fanfare for a Classical disc jockey. My return was conceived and facilitated by a Los Angeles radio legend, my long time friend Gail Eichenthal, who had become KUSC’s Program Director. Two days before I took hold of the L.A. mike, Gail invited me to appear on her Saturday morning broadcast “Arts Alive” and I thus spoke my first words in my new (and former) job. Here’s how it went.”