Great Composer Quiz – April 30, 2020

This time, it’s a Quiz without a name.  (You may give it a name yourself.)  This Great Composer was commissioned by a nationwide radio network to write a work for a program called Everybody’s Music. The radio network further requested the Great Composer not give the work a title, for the network wanted to hold an on-air contest for the best title of the piece. Our Great Composer finished the work in time for a mid-summer broadcast. It was performed live on the air, without a title. The announcer told the audience that a prize would be given for the most suitable title.  He said, “The prize has no great allure in terms of cash value, although it might someday be a collector’s item. Ha ha.” The winner would receive the original score, personally autographed by the composer. Over a thousand entries came in, and they were forwarded to our Great Composer, who was delighted with the great volume.  Then he replied by telegram, “Have read all title suggestions –stop – Astonished and delighted by number and variety – stop – no one title completely satisfactory.” So who was this man who would not play along with the radio marketing department, this Great Composer?

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