The Great Composer Quiz – July 16, 2020

This time, it’s a Quiz about getting a get out of jail free card and using it to get to a better place. This Great Composer worked for a court in the big city for about six years, in his twenties. He lived there with his wife and their growing family. But eventually he fell out of favor with the power-meisters of the city and wanted to leave and seek employment elsewhere. But he was not allowed to leave, and when he forced the issue by stubbornly asking for permission to go job-hunting, he was tossed into jail for a month. Finally, he was released and given an unfavorable discharge. But our Great Composer went directly to another town, where they liked his music, or anyway, the Prince liked his music and hired him to be director of music, paid him well, and allowed him much freedom to compose and perform. So who was this man who went from jail to ideal working conditions, this Great Composer?

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