The Great Composer Quiz – August 7, 2020

This time, it’s a Quiz about finding a path to success. This Great Composer, at age 23, formed a trio with a Belgian violinist named Crickboom and a young Spanish cellist who one day would be named by President Kennedy as a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, only to later receive the honor in a White House ceremony from President Johnson. Our Great Composer’s first opera was called Maria del Carmen and was so well received at its premier the king knighted him. Two years later he founded a society of classical concerts in his hometown. It was short lived but it gave him the confidence to create his own piano school. The school was a splendid success and our Great Composer remained involved with it until his death, which came suddenly, and, ironically, our Great Composer perished at the meteoric height of his all-too-brief career. So who was this successful man, this Great Composer?

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