The Great Composer Quiz – August 26, 2020 – Bach the Vote

G.T. Telemann
F. J. Haydn
A. L. Vivaldi
W. A. Mozart (missing from convention)

Hear our coverage of the 18th Century Party Nominating Convention and see if it does not change your view of the candidates. Do they appear more able to govern than previously thought? Less? Mozart may be the hands-down most likely to promote culture, but his financial skills are lacking. Haydn leads the Common Sense wing of the Party, but often reaches for some of the most unwanted surprises in his foreign policy. Vivaldi has the religious vote sewed up, but does he bring the kind of strength called for to unite a divided Italy. Telemann is everyone’s pick for VP for his voluminous experience, but conventioneers have shown they are not willing to nominate a conservative voice from the past. Click on audio for our report.

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