The Great Composer Quiz – October 12, 2020

This time, it’s a Birthday Quiz. This Great Composer was born on October 12, during the Great Epizootic (equine influenza), commonly called the Horse Flu. The Epizootic wrecked havoc on North America for the next three months. Our baby Great Composer was not infected and lived a long life, to age 85. His father was a minister in a village church and his brothers were both judges. Our Great Composer never got to know his father, who died just three years after the boy’s birth. Our Great Composer’s mother was the niece of the bane of all people of faith. The family was well-to-do and raised our Great Composer, rather, permitted our Great Composer’s nanny to raise him, according to liberal ideas of the time about society and philosophy. Upon coming of age, he became agnostic. So who was this boy without a parental compass, born on this day, this Great Composer?

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