The Great Composer Quiz – October 12, 2020

Leith Hill Place, Wotton, Surrey.

Time’s up, pencils down, the Great Composer, born October 12, during the early stages of the Great Epizootic (Horse Flu Epidemic), which made a great many North Americans sick during the final months of 1872. Thankfully, the baby boy was living in England, in Wotton, Surrey. Here’s a view of his home.

Our Great Composer never got to know his father, the Reverend Arthur, who died shockingly and shockingly young at forty-one, just three years after our Great Composer was born. The Reverend was son to a judge and brother to another. His wife Margaret was a niece of Charles Darwin. In their fancy digs at Leith Hill Place, our boy Great Composer was provided a nanny who taught him how to think and behave. He received his first piano lessons at age five, from a wealthy aunt. The answer is Ralph Vaughan Williams. Growing up, he gradually adopted a hardened atheism, but growing older it softened to “a cheerful agnosticism.”


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